Star Certified Smog Checks, Test and Repair and Brake and Lamp Inspection

Smog Check Star Certified

Our technicians are Star Certified to perform smog testing on all domestic and foreign vehicles make & models.

The Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) is administered by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) and is designed to help improve California's air quality. CAP offers consumers up to $500 in financial assistance towards certain emissions-related repairs. In addition, CAP offers consumers $1,000 or $1,500 to retire a qualified vehicle.

para obtener una solicitude en  espanol, llamenos a Bar a 866-272-9642.



Brake and Lamp Inspection

Brake and Lamp price for Vehicles  is $80.00 with Certificates

Official Brake Inspection
The State of California requires a Brake Inspection to ensure that any vehicle being issued a salvage certificate-car,truck,van  is in safe, roadworthy condition being retitled. As a DMV certified, state licensed Brake Inspection station, we conduct a thorough  and complete examination of your vehicle's braking system to ensure that no defects or hazards exist that could cause your braking system to not operate properly or even fail.


We rebuild Carburetors Call if you have any questions.

MotorCraft '78 4 barrel Carburetor rebuild.


Tune Up

Spark Plugs, Ignition wires, Distributor Cap and Rotor, Air Filter, Cabin Filter and Fuel Filter.

 Brakes: Replace rotors, brake pads, Brake shoes and Drums. Calipers and wheel cylinders.  

 Oil Change: Basic oil or synthetic oil and  filter.

Timing Belt & Water Pump: Replace timing belts,  and water pumps.

Smog Check Repair Station

  • Carburetor Rebuilt & Exchange

  • Domestics &

  • Foreign

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